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Our family could not have been more impressed with the amazing magnitude and talent so professionally delivered!! You run your studio and show first rate all the way. We are so proud that our daughter has the opportunity to join this group every year. And my volunteering on Friday gave me a vast eye opening as to what goes into this production. Truly impressive. Thank you Brandon and Curtis, you are both an amazing talent and team. Looking forward to Julia expanding her schedule in the fall.

Mary Beth Butch


Congratulations on another terrific recital! Kudos to both of you and the beautiful dancers, especially your older girls. People sitting near me thought the lead dancers were instructors, not students, because they were so good! Wow! The level of talent just seems to get better and better every year. You both deserve all of the successes this studio has achieved. Thank you for being such strong and positive role models for my daughter.

Mary Holland


Brandon, Will it work to say that Laci will not dance next year unless you agree to perform? You guys are so awesome, and I loved seeing Curtis perform...will you please perform next year Brandon? I can’t WAIT for next year’s performance!!!

Cathy Olberding


Once again you all have outdone yourselves!!! Great job as we know you (and the dancers) work the hardest to bring this production to life!!

Jennifer Devero


We all loved the show! It was beautiful, and even made me tear up a time or two. Addi’s grandparents who live out of state were so impressed with last years show that they could not wait to see this years production. I think that is what we love most about the recitals at The Pulse, it isn’t just a “recital” it is a full blown production and story. You don’t just watch to see your child perform, you watch the story. Being a volunteer this year I was even more impressed, you all have it down to a science & I loved helping out. You are all so incredibly talented! We are so glad we made the move to The Pulse. Thank you again for all that you do. See you this fall!

Traci Landes


All we can say is- You truly know how to put on a show and more importantly how to bring out the best in every body on that stage.... LOVED IT through and through as did all our family and friends, and most importantly, our dancer, Lucy.

Kati Thomas


Samantha and I are new to the Pulse this year and I must say what a wonderful job you did with all the students, staff and volunteers. The incredible amount of work it takes to pull off such a production is amazing which I bow to. The music, the stage-sets the choreography was all top shelf. It was a special treat to see Curtis danced...Brandon, I expire to be you in my next life! What a perfect team of folks and an awesome group of dancers to watch your imagination come to life. My hopes are that you develop your own dance company to support your very own Theater. Thanks for letting us be a part of your imagination. I look forward to watch as you and the students evolve. Sam and I will see you in Sept!

Gia DeSico


Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Another fantastic show! You are all so very talented! Have a fantastic summer and something tells me that there are a few little girls in our house that will be so happy to see you again ASAP.

Mary Plumb


Selena has loved every minute and all the hard work and love and nurturing that the children and your staff put into The Wishes definitely showed! My husband and I were at both performances and they were absolutely awesome. Watching our granddaughter,Selena brought tears of joy to our eyes! Thank you for two amazing performances and can’t wait to see what your creative comes up with next year!

Sheila Ledezma


Congratulations to you guys! As a music teacher for the past 19 years who has put on many performances, I know what you all did was EXTRAORDINARY! The workload, the creativity, the attention to detail was outstanding and we appreciate all that you and The Pulse staff did to make it successful. Most importantly, the experience taught my girls the value of hard work and dedication and what one can accomplish when they put their mind to it. A lesson they can never learn enough! Thank you for all you do all year long to make it a fun and valuable experience for all the dancers. Please pass on my appreciation to Miss Darcy and Miss Elaine, as well! They work with my girls every week and I truly know the work ethic they instill. Congratulations, again, on a marvelous show! We enjoyed it immensely and we’re looking forward to “NYC”!

Susan Goodwin


Just wanted to send a quick note to say – AWESOME recital. I can’t even compare it to any other dance recital I have been to. It was just amazing. The work that the staff put into the recital was incredible. This obviously shows how much you love what you do. Can’t wait to get the DVD – this is one I will definitely watch again!! Thanks for giving Nicole the opportunities that you have given her this past year. We are amazed at her growth. She loves The Pulse and has made lots of new friends with staff and students. We are excited for the upcoming year.

Diane Byrnes


Applause to all of you! It was amazing and never seen a dance recital like this one. Thanks again for making it unforgettable.

Heidi Gile


I just wanted to tell you how breathtaking the recital was. Words cannot describe how magical this weekend was for my family. Every single dance moment was pure excitement! You promised a very different recital experience and it sure was. My three boys sat in the audience awestruck. Their words at dinner were “Justice said Mr. Curtis was a great dancer, but we didn’t think he would be that great”. Although he was onstage for a short amount of time, that moment resonated with them and created an even bigger appreciation for what their sister does. It was great to showcase You, Curtis, Elaine, Darcy and Heather because it gives us the opportunity to see firsthand just how absolutely skilled you are. I am sure you and Curtis know, but the talent, artistic vision and creativity you and your other dance instructors have are gifts that so many people strive for. My husband was so impressed that you wrote “The Wishes” and the fact that our daughter gets to learn and grow in your studio is priceless. I am so thankful that Justice belongs to your studio.

Johanna Howard


A big THANK YOU to the staff at The Pulse for putting together another great performance this year! We invited additional family members to the recital this year and everyone was impressed with the level of professionalism and they were truly entertained by the entire program. Rachel has gained so much confidence and skills through her classes/CPC and made some great friends along the way.


We also appreciate all the team building events and the wonderful instructions she has received at The Pulse.

Tram Fenimore


Words can’t describe the truly wonderful performance this past weekend. The Wishes was a huge hit with everyone, including Pulse families as well as community friends. From an outsider, its very apparent the tireless efforts you all take with your business to make every aspect of it the best it can be. We can only imagine the hundreds of hours you all put in, but one can clearly see the results of your efforts when we attend your top notch dance studio, recital performances and CPC. Thanks for all you do, each and every one of you, to help these girls shine to the best of their ability. Congratulations on such a successful season- you have much to be proud of!

Marianne Moore


What an amazing weekend we had watching Grace perform and all the other members of the dance company. This is our first year at The Pulse and we wanted you all to know how impressed we were with the dance performance and the level of professionalism on and off stage. The safety of our dancer meant a lot to us, and I was so pleased with the drop off and the picking up of dancers. The whole production was amazing from the dancing, to the music, to the sets, etc. Each and every student was made to feel like they were so very important to the production. Thank you for all your hard work. We look forward to more dancing at The Pulse.!

Sally Spaniol


Brandon, I wanted to tell you that you are an Action Hero when it comes to staging productions. I was blown away. You are so talented to see all that in your head and translate it to the stage. What a gift. It was unbelievable!! I think you may just be the wind beneath my wings!

Sherry Kuehl


What an amazing job you all did over the weekend! We really enjoyed the show and Maura had the time of her life! Can’t wait until next fall!

Courtney Fahey




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