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Brandon, Curtis, and the rest of the incredible Pulse staff: Well, you’ve done it again! What an incredible show. Everything from the storyline, music, choreography, costumes...simply fabulous. So much work and organization goes into putting on a production of this magnitude and you guys make it seem effortless. We are so fortunate to have such a talented group of people in Kansas City who create such a positive dance environment for our kids. Janey had a wonderful year topped off with an amazing recital experience. She is looking forward to classes this summer and next year. You make the lives of the parents so easy, and the lives of our children so enriched. I can’t thank you enough for all you do!

Ali Hough


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the shows this weekend.  Our daughter, Maren, is only four years old but we could tell how much fun she had.  We have been so happy with The Pulse this year and cannot say enough positive things about it...the friendly, professional staff; the clean, inviting environment; the fun, educational dance class; and the very well-organized business side of it!  I tell anyone who will listen how fabulous this program is and will continue to do so.  We will see you back in the fall for another PreK Combo class!

Lauren and Brian DeLaTorre


I wanted to congratulate you and the faculty on another amazing show!  I heard so many great comments from various parents over the course of the weekend- people were simply blown away.  What an amazing gift you have Brandon, to write and produce such an entertaining event that brings our community together.   And Curtis, the outstanding choreography and amazing technique you display/teach, along with the direction you provide the students help provide them confidence and discipline in their daily lives.   These students will be able to one day look back at all they accomplished while at The Pulse in large part because of the leadership from both of you.   Thank you for all your tireless hours, energy, and dedication to perfection and determination to bringing a top notch studio to this area!

Marianne Moore


I sat in the audience yesterday after being back with the combo girls on Saturday…seriously, after being backstage and getting a small taste of behind the scenes, I just don’t know how you do it all.  You both are amazing; the entire staff is incredible to pull off these shows.  I cannot imagine the hours of prep time that has gone into it before we as volunteers get to it.  I was impressed last year, really blown away last year by Wishes.  This year seeing all the details of every thought, every contingency, planned out…just over the top.  Just when I think I can’t be impressed again, you do even more.  I hope in the next month you can take a bit of time to just relax.  I’m not sure if any of your staff ever takes time off though!  However, you deserve a vacation!!  Thank you again for all you do for each of our kids.  You really make each one feel special.  As I tucked my little Bridget in last night, she was already dreaming about next year’s show and of course what her costume will be like.  For her first recital, she loved her Rainbow Connection.  Ashley, too was wondering what the story of ‘The Elders’.  The Pulse is a very special place and I am so grateful to have found it.

Cindy Bendorf


I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the awesome experience!  This was my daughter’s first dance recital (she is 6), and she loved it!  She had the best time, and I was amazed at her getting up in front of that huge crowd and smiling for all she was worth.  I couldn’t have done it, but she didn’t think twice.  I also volunteered backstage on Saturday, and I have to say I had absolutely no idea what a HUGE undertaking this whole production was until I experienced the controlled chaos back there.  I am grateful to you all for all the incredible amount of work that has to go into pulling this off every year.   Anyways, I just wanted to write to tell you how much we parents appreciate your efforts, and how thankful I am that you are instilling such a love of dance in my daughter.  See you this summer!

Dara Angell


Another great show last night!  I know you are the brain child behind this entire production and Brandon, you are truly gifted.  Every year we are entertained.  (That is something that I don’t think many dance studios can boast about their recitals.)  Every year the costumes are beautiful and appropriate!  I am amazed at the attention you give to dressing the little girls all the way through to the older girls and how appropriate and gorgeous the costuming looks on stage.  Kudos!  It was such a pleasure to get to see the teachers dance last night, such talented and beautiful dancers.  Emma is so lucky to be able to study and learn from dancers of their caliber.  They were spectacular!  I know you spend hours upon hours putting together this performance, and I, for one, wanted you to know how much it is appreciated and that it does not go unnoticed.

Mary Holland


I just wanted to send a note of CONGRATULATIONS for the awesome production you put on this weekend!  All of the dancers really shined in their roles and it was evident they were really enjoying themselves while on stage.  I was so impressed with every aspect of the production - from the beautiful costumes, the sets, and the great storyline that tied it all together!  I really appreciated all of the information you provided - from the dance packet to the e-mails, I always knew where to go if I had a question, and I really appreciated being kept so well informed.  I could go on, but just wanted to send a note of thanks - we are so thankful to have been introduced to The Pulse - you have an awesome dance program and Teresa looks forward to many more years of dance ahead (and so do we)!

Sally Payne


It was fabulous!!! Congrats on another wonderful show!

Traci Landes


Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the performance today. I talked all year about the wonderful performance last year so I will be doing a lot of talking about this year’s performance as well. Brandon and Curtis, you two are amazing! I congratulate you both and all of your staff and dancers for a job well done. The costumes were gorgeous and watching all the dancers caused my emotions to get the better of me. I am already looking forward to next year.

Dorothy Clark


It was an amazing show!  I heard how great it was but it exceeded my expectations - we really enjoyed it!

Julia Hawn


Wow, wow, wow, and thank you! Your “recitals” are so good I tell people it’s not that “root canal” recital kind of thing but more like a younger version of Starlight….Thrilling to see all the kids perform but only cry through one :) So thankful our family “discovered” you!

Gwyneth Bowen


It truly was an incredible show!  The level of artistry and showmanship was astounding!  To teachers and students and especially to you, Brandon -- Bravo!  After the show, Little Aspen asked if she could try ALL the classes! :) The show gave her a little taste of what the hard work is all about, and now she is excited!

Enid Martindale


This is only the second year that my daughter Natalie Petty has danced in a Pulse Recital and I have to say that I thought last year’s recital The Wishes was truly remarkable, but this year’s NYC couldn’t be topped. The music, choreography, costumes, the story, etc. was absolutely amazing and I take my hat off to you and Curtis and all your staff for being so patient and so talented to put a show together like this. My in-laws, parents, nieces, nephews and babysitter (who dances for Liz Kelley) said they’ve never seen anything like it Again, my hat is off to you for putting together something so incredible that my daughter so passionately loves! We can’t wait until classes resume!  Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Marti Petty


You guys should be so proud of what a success it was! The story and performances were amazing! Loved it! Very proud to be a part of The Pulse family!

Kristy Schaefer


Kudos to you and Curtis and the whole team!  It was a splendid show!!!  Thanks again for making it such a special memory!

Heidi Gile


WONDERFUL recital as always.  You, Curtis & staff never cease to amaze!

Julie Muehlebach


I had so much fun this weekend.  What a great show!  My mother in law was there and thought it was excellent.  She is a former Rockette and enjoyed the NYC theme.  I was so pleased and happy to be a part of this group.  Looking forward to next year.

Shannon Maize


CONGRATS AND THANK YOU – to you and Curtis.  It was a pleasure working on the recital.  This is our 4th and I can imagine that you and Curtis must be thrilled with the success and growth you’ve experienced.  I was blown away when I saw the stage fill up with the students for the bow.  The kids loved the whole process and the checkout  for the little ones this year was fantastic!  Thanks to you both for working so hard and I look forward to being able to help more next year!!

Ella-Mai Wright


Wow!  What a fantastic, beautiful show!  My family is always so impressed!  Your writing is so creative and inspiring!  Curtis and Elaine are so talented and fun to watch!  Thanks for such an amazing show!  When do you sleep?!!

Rhonda Rogge


Again, thank you for creating another smash hit of a recital....Can’t wait to see the DVD!!  You and the crew make every family feel so special!! Thank you for all that you do!!

Connie Redmond


Wonderful job with all the; Set and Lighting Design, music selection, program layout, costuming, direction and staging, etc.  Just loved it all!  Please tell Curtis the Choreography, staging and dancing was wonderful.  Grace felt like a star!  Her whole family loved seeing her so happy.  Congratulations again on a wonderful performance.

Sally and Bob Spaniol


I hope that you are recovering from recital, even though you are moving right into Nationals:) You and Curtis are the ultimate professionals and I think you handled yourselves brilliantly last weekend. I know our kids’ well-being is always number 1 with you both and I respect that!

Johanna Howard


Just wanted to applaud you, Curtis, and the team for doing a fantastic job. Though the scenes were fabulous, I was truly amazed at the efficiency with the dancers. Coordinating for over 300 students is no easy feat and just getting them on stage in a prompt manner was impressive.  A really beautiful production! Thank you.

Kei Cano


Thank you so much for another wonderful recital experience! Katherine always loves it, as well as the rest of our family. I appreciate all the time and energy that was spent to make it such a great opportunity for our kids.  Thank you, too, for seeing something in Katherine and giving her the opportunity to be a part of Junior Superstarz. She truly loved it this year and is looking forward to contributing even more next year!  Thank you, again, for everything! Enjoy your month off and we’ll see you on the 30th!

Susan Goodwin


Thank you for all the amazing work you put into NYC.  I know, without a doubt, you all put on the BEST recital in Kansas City.  From the sets, to the story, to the costumes and choreography it is a professional grade performance that is outstanding.  Thank you for all your long hours, sleepless nights and hard work that you put into this performance, making our girls have such an amazing experience.  Mary Grace is thrilled to be continuing in CPC.  She adores your studio and her confidence as a dancer continues to climb.  We credit you with that success.  Although Caroline has realized she is a more “sporty spice,” you had her out of her shell more than anyone has been able to get her.  So thank you for that experience for her as well.  Hope you all have a little downtown after Nationals.  Again, my true gratitude,

Margi Wilson




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