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First of all let me start by saying how much we loved the performance this year- your productions are leaps and bounds above anything else in KC - there is just no equivalent! I want to thank you for all the talent and effort poured into making that happen for the dancers. We are lucky to have found The Pulse and the two of you, and we look forward to many more years to come.  Also, the two ladies who ran the backstage rooms were fantastic – you have it down to a science and we can't thank you enough!  Loved volunteering back there with the leadership we had.  Thank you for recognizing the potential in Lucy- it means the world to her and to us.

Kati Thomas


We were ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by The Elders performances!  We have definitely drunk The Pulse Kool-Aid and think you are the coolest thing going in KC!  Thanks for a great year of dance for Kate.  Thanks so much and again, what you do at The Pulse is beyond impressive, I only wish Kate was younger so she could have come up the ranks at The Pulse!

Christy Higgins


Thank you for an incredible weekend.  I thought this was one of the best shows yet!  I’m always amazed at the little tweaks you make each year to keep it running even smoother.  I know I’ve said it before, but Lexi has enjoyed her classes so much this year, costumes, performing, etc. so very much…thanks too, for helping her grow in her confidence as well.   It’s never easy to be a teenager, but you have helped Lexi feel good about herself and her abilities. As a mom, I can’t thank you enough for that.  I hope you all get some well deserved down time.  Thanks again for all that you do and how well you do it!

Linda Smith


Well, you’ve done it again! What an incredible production The Elders was! The sets, the music, the costumes, the choreography...all I can say is WOW! So much work goes into every detail, and again you make it look effortless, and make it so easy for the parents. Thanks for another great year at The Pulse. Janey has really grown in her dancing, thanks to the expert instruction and encouragement she received from your talented faculty. We are so lucky to have you here in Kansas City. The word is out, the studio is growing, yet you continue to make each dancer feel individually special. Looking forward to many more years to come! Thanks again!

Ali Hough


The Elders was AMAZING!  I just want to tip my hat to you guys.  I was so incredibly impressed with the story, the directing, the dancing, the props, the costumes, the sets.  It was an incredible performance and hard to believe it came so soon after competition!  We have friends that just started at the Pulse this year.  At intermission, the DAD said, "I would rather watch this than the Kansas City Ballet.  It is equal in every way, but with the freshness of the dance of young children.  This is phenomenal."  Coming from a Dad, I thought it was an exceptional ovation.  Mary Grace had so much fun and you all did such a great job.  Congrats, AGAIN, on another amazing performance.  You did it again!

Margi Wilson


Congratulations on another successful production! The show was truly amazing and magical! My family, friends, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your time and dedication to these children. You and your staff have done such a great job with each and every one of them! You all given back so much and I want you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you greatly!

Pk Sayabane


THANK YOU.  Grace has grown sooo much as a dancer at The Pulse.  The two guests we brought are signing up for fall classes.  What a privilege to be a part of this school.

Tim & Melissa Walline


We wanted to let you know how much we loved the recital.  In fact it wasn’t really a recital, it was a PRODUCTION!  You did an amazing job and it was so much more than I ever imagined it would be.  Ella had such a wonderful time performing, and she is so sad that it’s all over!  We are looking forward to next year at The Pulse and might even sign up for a workshop over the summer.  Thanks again for an amazing job!

Meghan Holden


AMAZING production.  I say it every year and I will say it again.  I seriously don’t know how you pull it off seamlessly…  The show, the logistics were all fantastic.  Thanks for all you do for our kids.  I know it pulls you away from a personal life so I appreciate your dedication to all the families!

Cindy Bendorf


This was my first recital, so I had a preconceived notion of what I’d be watching Saturday. I was simply blown away by the production you put on.  And your writing!  I am so impressed by the kids’ experience!  Thank you for such a great first experience for Emma Grace. Everything was so well run. She hasn’t been exposed to many kinds of dance, so I want her to watch the DVD to see if there is something else she’d like to try next.  Thanks again for an evening of entertainment I was not expecting!

Julie Coker


The performances were absolutely amazing!  The story was superb, and the dancers were amazing!  We feel blessed to have been a part of it!

Amanda Ledezma


Thank you so much for a great weekend!  The show was absolutely amazing and I loved that it told a story instead of just a bunch of songs and girls dancing – it really threaded all the performances together nicely.   Also, I volunteered Saturday night and the combo Orchestra room went much, much better than I would have thought - very well laid out.  Again – thanks for a wonderful experience.  I was so proud.  You guys did a great, great job!

Kristen Starr


What an amazing show!  I can’t believe you created the whole thing.  I realize you are all very creative, and have a ton of experience, still -not sure how you find time to do everything you do – it is crazy.  I hope you are taking a well-deserved BREAK!  Thanks again - and you are so talented!

Nancy Helton


As I shared with you at the Recital, I have no idea how you and Curtis pull this off year after year!!  I can only imagine the work that goes into this type of Recital. I will share with you that I often hear comments from those who attend that they so appreciate the recital telling a story rather than dancers simply running on/off the stage and dancing to various tunes. So, kudos to you for the amazing creativity!  We will see you back at The Pulse this Fall!

Lynnette Hayes


What a heck of a performance.  This being our first year we were very impressed.  Arianna loves the teachers so much that the only thing she talked about doing this summer is dance.  Enjoyed every minute of the show.

Phil Smith


The recital was totally amazing!  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  You all did an awesome job!!

Ann Crist


Thank you, thank you for an excellent recital.  Once again, for the third time, three years in a row, I am impressed with your studio and wonderful performances. Already looking forward to next year.

Dorothy Claire Fletcher Clark


Wonderful performance! Each year I see how my girls become better dancers and performers! The staff and dancers at the Pulse are amazing! Thank you from a very proud Mom!!

Joanne DiFidi


Next year I am coming both days...once is not enough!  Each year you all collectively raise the bar a little higher. Absolutely outstanding.  I brought a friend and even though she didn’t know anyone performing, she loved it!  Could not believe how well done the production was in every aspect.  These “recitals” are the BEST! I think production is a great word because it more accurately conveys quality. These may be students but thanks to the teachers, choreography, script, backdrops, costumes, etc. I always feel like I’ve been to “Off Starlight” (as in Off Broadway). Should always be standing room only!

Gwyneth Bowen


Thank you so much for providing such a unique recital experience! The girls have performed in other recitals, but they loved being involved in a story and we loved watching! I know it takes a lot effort to create a performance like that. It’s obviously a labor of love! Thank you!!

Tracy Lamb Jordan


Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all the hard work in putting on the fabulous show. As a first year mom, it was so impressive to see and most importantly Lucy thoroughly enjoyed herself. Looking forward to next year!

Beth Wade


Great job tonight and yesterday...the girls did fantastic thanks to each of you.  Thanks again for putting on such a TOP NOTCH performance!

Susan Spence


I could not be more impressed.  The production this weekend was fabulous!  The story was terrific. The dancing was amazing.  You did a great job incorporating all the dancers at all skill levels into the production.  You guys are very talented.  Thanks for a great year.

Linda Sheedy


Thank you for a wonderfully creative and thoughtful recital - you always outdo yourself!  Also, thanks to Curtis for making Anna’s semester of Jazz 3 so much fun!  She came home from the first day raving about how fun his class was, and she loved going every week.  God bless.

Kelly Synek


What a beautiful show.  Catherine and Meg had a great time and I enjoyed being in the audience as much the second time as the first!

Debbie Wilkerson


Thank you to you and Curtis and all the sweet instructors and helpers at The Pulse.  We really appreciate you!

Mary Plumb


BEST show yet!!  THANK YOU!

Darcy Wingerd




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