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An amazing show!  Thoroughly impressed. Thank you for making the recital entertaining and free of stress!  The passion you and Curtis have is evident as well as the love for ALL our kiddos!  I had tears more than a couple of times watching the two shows!  Thank you for all you do…

Jen Phillips


We just wanted to say one more time how wonderful The Gifted was last weekend.  We are so fortunate to have chosen The Pulse as our dance studio.  Thank you, Elaine and Curtis for all your efforts in putting this together.  My whole family loves it every year - even the parts Katherine isn’t in!  We’re looking forward to the next one!  Thank you, again!

Susan Goodwin


I hope you’ve had a chance to catch your breath from the weekend.  I just wanted to say that was one amazing show.  We had friends with us on Friday night that have never seen one of your performances and they were blown away at how professional it all looked.  I just want thank you for everything the last 6 years.  I’ve watched her grow up into a very confident, happy, strong dancer on your stage and it’s been fun to see the transformation.  I just wanted to say thanks for everything along the way.  We wish you all the best as your studio continues to grow and excel in all areas.  Blessings to you all,

Linda Smith


As always the performance was off the charts.  Wow!!  I am so amazed at your talent and the talent of every child in the show.  Thank you so much for being so understanding with Callie.  She had a blast.  She loves to perform and does anywhere she can.  I love it that the studio has an expectation of professionalism but don’t expect the kids to be perfect and celebrates them.  The young lady with Down’s syndrome stole my heart.  She was awesome.  Thank you for trying your best to include everyone.  See you in the fall!

Stella Stillion


“The Gifted” was just phenomenal and I am so happy that Chloe is enjoying dance and that she is experiencing it with such a great dance center as The Pulse!  You guys are the best!

Brandy Thornton


Well, the incredible Pulse staff has done it again! The Gifted was a truly entertaining production! The story, music, costumes and choreography were top notch! Working behind the scenes, I have an even greater appreciation for the creativity, planning, organization and hard work that goes into producing a show if this magnitude. The Pulse staff is a special group of people, and we are so fortunate to have this studio right here in Kansas City. Each dancer, at every level, was able to have an incredible recital experience and truly shine on stage, making memories sure to last a lifetime. I can’t thank you enough for the time and care you have taken with Janey. She had another wonderful year at the Pulse!  Thanks again for all you do! Hope you all can get some well-deserved rest!

Ali Hough


OK, the recital was seriously so great.  This was our first year and we weren’t sure what to expect.  My in-laws said they wanted to attend next year, even if their granddaughter wasn’t even dancing!  Thank you for all you did this year!

Nicki Ware


I just wanted to complement you all on the great show today!  Very well-done and entertaining!  We particularly loved the execution and flow of the storyline – very cute transitions with the locker scenes, great interjection of humor, loved the music choices, and the build up to the finale at the end was so energetic and very engaging.   The finale itself was so fun.  As always, the choreography was exceptional, and the dance costumes were tasteful and flattering.  Kudos, and congratulations to both staff and kiddos on a great performance!

Sherrie Welsh


That show was phenomenal!  We loved every minute of it!  You all are so talented & so creative.  We are thrilled to have our girls learning the art of dance from such professional, outstanding people.  Thank you so much for putting your heart & soul into your work!

Bernie Bachta


The show this weekend was the most amazing recital I have ever seen! It have me goose bumps to watch and I am so incredibly impressed by everything from the dancers to the choreography, music selection, scenery, and organization. Wow!!! You two should be so proud. My family and friends that came to watch, all new to the Pulse this year like us, were equally impressed and enjoyed every minute of the show.  Taryn just loves coming to the studio and can’t wait to be back!  Thank you for such a wonderful and positive experience!

Natalie McClelland


We could not see the recital both days because we had concert tickets…..  I have to say, I would have rather stayed and watched the recital again.....The Gifted was that fantastic!  The choreography and lighting was phenomenal and everything ran so smoothly.  Great Job!

Terri Lilek


Thanks again for another great show!  My parents always come on Sunday and watch with me since I typically am backstage on Saturday.  I think this year my mom was ‘wowed’ even more than usual. After Ashley danced she commented that she couldn’t believe how much she had improved since last recital.  Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to continue to do what she loves more than anything and that is to dance to beautiful choreography, age appropriate costuming, and fabulous music.  The smile I saw yesterday was so genuine; it was one that shows she loves what she is doing.  Thanks again for another great year.

Cindy Bendorf


Thank you so much for all you did for the recital.  This was our first year being more involved and it was such a wonderful experience all around for both my daughter and myself.  The production was really beautiful.  We truly appreciate all of your hard work and commitment.  Thank you!

Dana Rowland


Just wanted to thank you for the great job with the recital over the weekend.  It was a great show and a job well done!  It was the right move to become a member of the “Pulse” family.

Tim Garrett


The performance this weekend was just amazing. I really enjoyed watching. It had everything in it that a great performance should have. It made me laugh with all the locker scenes and it made me sad when the news of the school closing and of course all of the dancers performed brilliantly.  Kudos to you and your staff!!!!

Diane Hirt


Thanks for a great recital - Ella and our family just loved it!  All the kids looked just amazing and I enjoyed watching them both Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you!!

Meghan Holden


It was brilliant.  You are a very gifted man.  Thank you.  We are so glad to part of The Pulse. Grace loves every minute on stage and with her class.  Thank You.

Melissa Walline


Thanks so much for a great show!  Olivia had an amazing time and it was wonderful and very entertaining, as usual.  My family raves about it every year and loves to attend.  Hopefully you can get a few days of R & R!  Much deserved!

Jenn Dugan


The performance was just so enjoyable / impressive; my whole family LOVED it.  Evie and I will see you in the fall!  Thanks, and congratulations again!!!

Stephanie French

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