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MOVEMENT FOR CHILDRENWe offer several wonderful class options for children ages 3-6: Pre-K Combo (Tap/Ballet) for ages 3-4, and K/1st Combo (Tap/Ballet, and Hip Hop) for ages 5-6. These classes are an enjoyable introduction to the world of dance through movement, rhythm, and music! Pre-K Combo emphasizes basic ballet & tap movement, memory, musicality, listening and following directions. The K/1 Tap/Ballet Combo progresses these concepts further. The Hip Hop Combo for ages 5-6 is a high energy, fun intro to jazz and hip hop movement. The skills children learn enhance coordination, listening, and self-discovery. Children LOVE these classes!


The following classes are available for 2nd Graders + up:


JAZZLearn skills to execute contemporary and stylized jazz technique, while developing coordination, and musicality. Each class includes warm-up, technique, across-the-floor patterns and a final combo.TAPFocuses on musical phrasing, rhythms, and making melodies with the feet. Most often tap is danced to jazz-based music such as Swing, Big Band, Funk, & Latin styles. BALLETClassical ballet training is recognized as the foundation for all types of dance, it is challenging both mentally and physically, and it is an essential part of the training for the well-rounded, serious dancer.  We teach proper ballet technique in the Vaganova method, while remaining aware of the special emotional needs and physical limitations of young children. Our teachers genuinely care about the development and aspirations of each and every student.  We offer ballet in all three of our programs:  Recreational, Show Team, and Competition Team.  Depending on your dancer’s goals, there is a ballet class to meet their needs.  To attain an acceptable level of proficiency, a minimum of two classes per week are recommended to develop strength, flexibility, technique, and stamina. Our class schedule allows students to excel to the highest of their abilities with class sizes that allow for individual attention to detail.  Variations will be taught throughout the year in ballet and Pointe classes giving students the opportunity to learn excerpts from classical ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Giselle and others.  All of our dance rooms feature state of the art StageStep flooring, which helps to absorb shock, therefore reducing the pressure put on dancers' joints and helping to prevent injury. The seamless non-slip surface layer is especially important for Pointe classes.CONTEMPORARYContemporary dance is a new interpretation of many dance styles including Modern, Ballet and Jazz.  Creative freedom is a major focus of contemporary dance, all the while holding firm to classical techniques learned in ballet.MUSICAL THEATRE DANCEOne of our most popular new additions!  Class will introduce dancers to choreography styles of different choreographers as well as different songs and styles from different musicals.  A very fun and high energy class that also focuses on adding personality to your dancing.HIP HOPAlso offered in Pre Hip Hop for our 5 & 6 year olds! A popular style that started on the streets of large cities, hip hop is everywhere today including music videos, commercials, and television shows.LYRICALFocuses on teaching dancers about creative expression. Maintains many of the same rhythmic characteristics that define jazz, but incorporates elements of ballet and modern for a smooth and lengthened quality.POINTEPointe work is traditionally performed by female dancers in a hard “blocked” Pointe shoe. Pointe takes sufficient muscle development, strength & ballet technique, so students must receive permission to begin Pointe. CARDIO STRENGTH & STRETCHA great class for all levels! Improve your dancing by strengthening your body. This class will focus on cardio training, increasing endurance, plyometrics (jump training), and expanding flexibility levels. 

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