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 The Pulse offers year-round private music lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass, and drums! All scheduling is handled directly with the instructor.



JOSEPH PEAKS - Joseph grew up in a musical family starting the piano at age 5 prompted by his mother, a chorus teacher. In fifth grade he began his studies in percussion which he pursued through college culminating in a B.A. in Percussion with an emphasis in Education from The University of South Carolina. Years of singing in the choirs and vocal groups led the way to becoming a State level singer as well as being on the stage in multiple musical theatre productions. Joseph began teaching piano at age 15 and teaching drum lessons while in college. While a junior in college he began a lifelong exploration of the guitar, drawn to it because of the freedom of communication it offered as well as a desire to learn an instrument completely on his own. The guitar also led to fervent studies of Music History, how music has developed over time in relation to cultural change and Music Philosophy, which deals with why we have such a deep primal desire to create music. Joseph performs around Kansas City and is very excited to be teaching music lessons at The Pulse PAC.


For scheduling questions or more details on music lessons, please contact Joseph Peaks at (843) 469-4980 or





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