As a first-year parent of a CPC dancer, I was AMAZED at what my daughter learned and what she accomplished! I was made aware before we committed that the competitive side of the program was going to be very time consuming but I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be for me as a parent to watch my daughter grow but also for her to be able to live out her dream of becoming a dancer and to perform on stage. The dedication, commitment, hard work, spirit, and leadership the teachers and the other students put into this program have taken my daughter’s dance interest to a whole new level. She dances wherever she goes and loves to make up her own routines whenever she has a chance. She has made SO many new friends and can’t wait for the days when she has to be at the studio. The Pulse is a dance company where they put the dancers first. The studio is classy, extremely well organized, the teachers are professional, incredibly talented, not to mention friendly and fun, and they put 150% into everything they do. The parents are friendly, helpful, and just as dedicated as the students. I have never been happier with any other dance company and I hope that my daughter will continue to dance at The Pulse for many more years to come!


This year has been great. You do a great job outlining information in advance, you don’t let the kids get away with missing classes and you keep track and remind them. This helps them keep their commitments. Dennis is like any other kid who will weasel out in a less strict environment but he knew you guys weren’t having it. He even made sure I didn’t schedule anything that would make him miss class. This has been great for him and his personal growth with taking responsibility and being held accountable. He really respects all of the staff. I also like how strict you are with the dress code and your behavior policy for parents and kids. It has been so great to be around respectful kids, teachers, and parents. If there was any drama going on I didn’t notice and it didn’t appear to be in the environment. I also like how you had Dennis do different types of dance that he didn’t necessarily think were his strength or preference. He has expanded his abilities due to Curtis and Elaine having him take that leap into something new. His technique has improved 100% since coming to The Pulse!


I feel so lucky to have found The Pulse. Brooke looks better than I’ve ever seen her. She’s so happy with her experiences there. I am very impressed how good all of the dances looked. After our other studio closed I never really thought we would find someplace that we loved just as much, but we have, by far.


I would like you to know how very blessed we are to be a part of your Studio. From the communication at the front desk to the costuming and dances, the Pulse has exceeded our expectations. The artistic vision of the Pulse Staff is second to none. Curtis and the dance instructors are incredible and they encourage Justice to push herself and strive to do her very best in every class. Her confidence and positive self-image have grown so much since she started dance. At the last dance convention, she volunteered to get on stage for the tap class. This may sound like a small thing that every dancer would do, but I know how painfully shy and introverted she used to be and to see her want to stand out and be a star is amazing. I will honestly tell you with all of my heart, the only reason she did that is that she is confident in her abilities and you, Curtis, Tony, Elaine, and Jayna have helped establish that. Justice says being a dancer at the Pulse “feels right” and it makes her so happy, that to me is priceless. We love our Pulse Family and look forward to the many years to come!


My daughter has been dancing at The Pulse for several years, and to see her growing improvement and ever-increasing joy in dance is magical. The Pulse is a more than a dance studio – it is a place where I send my daughter to live her dream.


I cannot say enough about the instructors at The Pulse.  They have developed her technique, self-confidence and love for dance!  They emphasize that they want to mold and shape these kids in all that they do.  Brandon and Curtis are amazing…The Pulse is respected and known to be a great studio throughout the community…They take great pride in their work and what they put on stage from costumes to choreography…a lot of thought is put into what we stand for.  We are very proud to be part of The Pulse and look forward to many years to come!


Our daughter had danced recreationally at the Pulse for 4 years prior to making the commitment to the competitive team. She had asked us to do competitive dance in prior years, but initially, we were unsure about the level of commitment. We had such a positive past experience with the excellent organization, communication, and professionalism of the Pulse, along with the age-appropriateness of the choreography and costumes, that we agreed this year. We were amazed at the growth in our daughter’s dance technique and capabilities with the CPC this year. Her commitment to the team and passion for dance is wonderful to see. The staff does a great job of fostering a positive environment and an atmosphere conducive to growth and support. There are team building events early in the season to help the kids get to know one another, and focus is always on doing your best as well as supporting your teammates and good sportsmanship with other studios. We appreciate the emphasis The Pulse puts not only on excellent dance training but also the life lessons of commitment, hard work, responsibility, and supporting teammates, as well as being gracious and representing the studio well outside of The Pulse. We get the schedule for the entire year the summer prior, including all competitions and most of the rehearsal times. There are occasional additions to the rehearsal schedule, generally the week or 2 prior to competitions/ performances, but for the most part, we know the entire schedule for the year before the season starts which helps immensely with planning family schedules. Regular email updates are thorough and detailed. The Pulse is unsurpassed in terms of organization, communication, and professionalism. We are looking forward to another great season at the Pulse, I would highly recommend The Pulse CPC for anyone considering competitive dance.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you, and all of your staff. It is wonderful to have an activity that mirrors the same morals and values that we practice in our home and at school. Over this past year, I have watched Reece’s maturity and self-confidence soar through the CPC program. It has been amazing and so wonderful to see these remarkable changes. Your passion for teaching dance and love of children is obvious in all your actions. Thanks for everything you do!


Just wanted to let you know what an incredible experience CPC has been! Ethan truly enjoyed being on stage in front of an audience and dancing with his team! He has loved his classes leading up to the competition and always comes home eager to practice what he’s learned. Ethan has been dancing since he started walking and we were so worried we wouldn’t find a studio where boys could participate. We are so thankful that you have co-ed students and that our son has somewhere to let his special talents shine through!! Thanks to all of your staff and CPC dancers for being so accepting and supportive of my little boy’s dream to dance!


I have one word to say… WOW! I was so impressed with our dancers! Not to mention the awesome choreography! It was so sweet that many of the older girls came early to support the little ones and the young ones stayed late to cheer on the teens. Great team spirit! I am so thankful that you are so organized! Thanks for all you do!


My daughters have loved being part of the CPC this year – I wish they had pursued joining the CPC even sooner! They have enjoyed every aspect of the CPC from the community they have experienced within the team itself, to having great instruction and choreography and having the opportunity to perform several times this year. The time commitment has been very manageable. The CPC schedule is masterfully designed so that their time at The Pulse is well utilized. Communications to the CPC parents are thorough and sent out in a timely manner. The music, choreography, and costumes shined at each competition, and we are proud to be a part of the CPC. It has simply been a great year!


You have a fabulously well-run studio in every aspect, including dance instruction, communication with the parents, and providing positive role models for these young girls and boys. The Pulse truly is the best dance studio. Our only regret is that we didn’t know about it sooner.


I can’t let this competition season end without thanking you, Curtis and Elaine for EVERYTHING you have put into making it a great year. As I sat in the theater all day both Saturday and Sunday, I was struck by all the things the judges also mentioned – the refreshing, interesting and original routines by our dancers, the APPROPRIATE costumes and music, how fresh-faced and classy our girls are, and most importantly, how much they all care about one another. The cheering for each routine and the support they have for each other is so awesome. That kind of camaraderie doesn’t just happen, it’s cultivated. We are so lucky to have stumbled upon this studio. Katherine has not only grown as a dancer, but she has learned about commitment and sticking with something. They have earned every bit of a 1st place rating. She is very proud of herself and her teammates. I’m so proud of her and proud to call The Pulse Performing Arts Center ours!


Our Pulse experience this past year has been an amazing journey. My daughter completed her 1st year as a competitive dancer in CPC after transitioning from being a USA Gymnast into the competitive world of dance. A love for dance was sown in her heart at the beginning of the year which began to bloom throughout the competition season because of the instruction she received. She has had to work very hard to grasp the technique of dance but has loved being part of this studio. She has enjoyed meeting other dancers that share her dance passion and the friendliness of the girls has been refreshing. The schedule was very manageable and allowed her to keep up with school work and even enjoy some downtime. It was also refreshing to see the tastefulness of our costumes and choreography. We are very thankful to have had a “friend connection” that brought us to this studio!


Our daughter, Lanie, had been dancing with another studio for several years, and we decided we needed to raise the bar on both instruction and facilities, and we got everything we hoped for at The Pulse. She took rec classes for one year and was invited to try out for the CPC in the spring. She was thrilled to make the team, but we were new to the competitive dance world and not sure what to expect. After a year, Lanie is on cloud nine, and we are so very pleased with her progress in technique and poise on stage. The Pulse provides truly top-notch instruction, creative choreography, tasteful costumes, well-organized management, great communication, and a real sense of teamwork.


CPC is amazing. Communication is so detailed and complete that it really made the transition to competition easy. The Pulse is known among the dancing community for its choreography and costumes being classy and beautiful, not to mention age appropriate. Kiersten has blossomed this year under the instructors – they care for her and instruct her with love.


After dancing several years at another local studio, we could not be happier to be at The Pulse. The switch has been such a positive experience for not only our daughter but for the entire family. Our daughter is finally learning the technique she has missed over the last several years and it’s exciting to watch her grow as a dancer and to watch her self-esteem grow as well. There is no drama, no yelling, no negativity, no inappropriate costumes, dances or music…in short, it’s exactly the environment I want for my child. Even more impressive is how the families all become one big family. Everyone sincerely wants every dancer to truly succeed. My only regret is that we didn’t switch to The Pulse sooner!


We started at The Pulse in 2009 with a “Hannah Montana” summer camp and enrolled Rachel in her first dance class that fall. She had only taken a brief ballet class at the age of five so we weren’t even sure if she would like dancing. We have been just amazed how much she has progressed these short years at your studio. We give all the credit to the wonderful and talented choreographers and staff at The Pulse. We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy having Rachel dance at The Pulse and our appreciation for the various events that are held to promote friendship and bonding. We are very excited about this competition season and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful routines. Thank you for all that you do!

Tram & Craig

We came to The Pulse after being in another studio for almost 5 years. Since then my daughter has grown and developed so wonderfully it is amazing. The dance instructors teach in such a positive way that truly builds their self-confidence. The staff is super professional in every way. And incredibly organized. Which makes life in the dance world so much easier. We are so grateful for The Pulse and the friends we have there!