Talaessa Headshot
Dance Instructor

Talaessa began her classical dance training at the age of 15 at The Culture House Academy of the Performing Arts. Her studies included: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Corporal Mime, Physical Theatre, Lyrical, and Contemporary. While throwing herself into the classical world, Talaessa also maintained a personal study of several different styles within the Hip Hop/Soul Movement and Latin Social Dance . Graduate of the Culture House’s Artist Development Program in 2010, She began working as a professional dancer as a guest artist for Storling Dance Theater and as a corp member of Maxxas Dance Theater. In 2013 she relocated to Austin, TX where she worked as both performer and choreographer for Crash Alchemy and Diverse Space Dance Company. While in Austin, she had the pleasure of competing with Go Dance’s West Coast Swing Team, directed by Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirkland. During the summer of 2014, she took the road as a workshop instructor and guest choreographer. That same summer she began her work as a youth mentor for Judith Patterson’s: United States Performing Arts Program which she maintains through UCLA and Relativity Studios. From January to August 2015 she toured with On the Fly Productions, an aerial/dance performance company featured on the hit reality show: Fake Off: Season 2. That same year, Talaessa choreographed and performed her own work: “Father’s Piano” for Fran Spector Atkins of Spector Dance in Monterey, CA. and co-choreographed the finale of Percussion Pointe, a collaboration between Ballet Lubbock and Texas Tech University.  Taking up residency in Los Angeles, CA, she dove into the world of commercial dance, developing an interest in film and it’s historical and current relationship with dance and theater.  Talaessa now currently resides in the Kansas City area while maintaining summer studies and workshops in California. She holds many ambitions for the future, one of which is to inspire youth to pursue well-rounded studies in both classical and commercial dance, giving them the best platform for careers and opportunities!