Jorden Binkley

The thing I loved about Cutis is that I learned a lot about dance.  Also, he was a GREAT teacher he was funny, nice, creative on dance steps, and he loves kids. He loves teaching kids.  Greta is so nice, she is a GREAT ballet teacher, loves dancing with kids, she is very fun making routines.  They are such great competition teachers and regular dance teachers.  I miss them so much

Cara Hafley

I first started taking from Curtis at the age of 15. Before Curtis, dance had been nothing more to me than a fun hobby. I never really took it seriously and rarely was motivated to push myself.  After taking just one class from Curtis, I was able to look at not only myself but the art of dance in an entirely different light.  I was instantly inspired and realized how unaware I actually was with my talent. I just needed a great teacher to show me what I was capable of, and Curtis did that for me. Curtis’ way of teaching, mixed with his amazing ability to inspire and motivate, made me into the dancer I am today and will be forever. My passion and love for dance I know I would not have, had I never taken from Curtis.

Joe Freeman

I couldn’t think of anyone that I would want teaching my three kids more!  Their dedication, focus, character, and passion is not easily found in this area.  I would strongly recommend them to parents who are looking for great role models and teachers for their kids.

Mia Scaglia

The past months have been so incredible for me as a dancer. I am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers, choreographers, and dancers that I will ever find. Your positive encouragement and corrections have enabled me to accomplish things that I, and the doctors, never expected…Curtis because of you I have found a new passion for lyrical and I have realized how much I love to dance. Your teaching techniques and your love of the art makes me the best dancer I can be and I can honestly say no other teacher has had that effect on me…Greta, I am so glad I am taking your classes and I know that I would not be where I am without your classes. I am proud to have you as a teacher.  I just wanted you all to know that I am really grateful to be part of your company and there is no other studio I would rather represent than The Pulse…thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Renee Nagle

The dances are amazing! The response we have been getting from the folks that watch the kids has been incredible! Thank you for all that you do for us.

Cindy Janczewski

Having a teacher with years of professional training and years of experience working in the professional dance field makes a huge difference that many parents do not realize or look for in finding a teacher.  Casey performed a solo in competition this year that Curtis choreographed.   It was truly wonderful and very original and the private instruction he provided really elevated her performance. She has improved in all aspects of her dancing and performing skills.  She really looks forward to going to dance class and is very sad when they end each day!  Curtis makes the classes fun and is able to teach them things that many other teachers cannot offer.  I cannot say enough good things about Curtis as an instructor – the inspiration and compassion he provides are truly wonderful.

Liz Bondon

Evie has really grown out of her shell since she’s been at The Pulse…we’re seeing a big difference from when she started…I wanted to let you guys know I appreciate your patience, and I’m so thankful for all that you do for all the girls.

Jennifer Cheffey

I feel so lucky to have found The Pulse.  Brooke looks better than I’ve ever seen her.  She’s so happy with her experiences there.  I am very impressed how good all of the dances looked. After our other studio closed I never really thought we would find someplace that we loved just as much, but we have, by far.

Patty Woodroof

I am proud and 100% happy with all that The Pulse has provided for Shelby and want to sing your praises to all that will listen!  We feel blessed in finding you. You represent what we as parents were looking for, for our daughter.