I would like you to know how very blessed we are to be a part of your Studio. From the communication at the front desk to the costuming and dances, the Pulse has exceeded our expectations. The artistic vision of the Pulse Staff is second to none. Curtis and the dance instructors are incredible and they encourage Justice to push herself and strive to do her very best in every class. Her confidence and positive self-image have grown so much since she started dance. At the last dance convention, she volunteered to get on stage for the tap class. This may sound like a small thing that every dancer would do, but I know how painfully shy and introverted she used to be and to see her want to stand out and be a star is amazing. I will honestly tell you with all of my heart, the only reason she did that is that she is confident in her abilities and you, Curtis, Tony, Elaine, and Jayna have helped establish that. Justice says being a dancer at the Pulse “feels right” and it makes her so happy, that to me is priceless. We love our Pulse Family and look forward to the many years to come!