As a first-year parent of a CPC dancer, I was AMAZED at what my daughter learned and what she accomplished! I was made aware before we committed that the competitive side of the program was going to be very time consuming but I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be for me as a parent to watch my daughter grow but also for her to be able to live out her dream of becoming a dancer and to perform on stage. The dedication, commitment, hard work, spirit, and leadership the teachers and the other students put into this program have taken my daughter’s dance interest to a whole new level. She dances wherever she goes and loves to make up her own routines whenever she has a chance. She has made SO many new friends and can’t wait for the days when she has to be at the studio. The Pulse is a dance company where they put the dancers first. The studio is classy, extremely well organized, the teachers are professional, incredibly talented, not to mention friendly and fun, and they put 150% into everything they do. The parents are friendly, helpful, and just as dedicated as the students. I have never been happier with any other dance company and I hope that my daughter will continue to dance at The Pulse for many more years to come!