Our daughter had danced recreationally at the Pulse for 4 years prior to making the commitment to the competitive team. She had asked us to do competitive dance in prior years, but initially, we were unsure about the level of commitment. We had such a positive past experience with the excellent organization, communication, and professionalism of the Pulse, along with the age-appropriateness of the choreography and costumes, that we agreed this year. We were amazed at the growth in our daughter’s dance technique and capabilities with the CPC this year. Her commitment to the team and passion for dance is wonderful to see. The staff does a great job of fostering a positive environment and an atmosphere conducive to growth and support. There are team building events early in the season to help the kids get to know one another, and focus is always on doing your best as well as supporting your teammates and good sportsmanship with other studios. We appreciate the emphasis The Pulse puts not only on excellent dance training but also the life lessons of commitment, hard work, responsibility, and supporting teammates, as well as being gracious and representing the studio well outside of The Pulse. We get the schedule for the entire year the summer prior, including all competitions and most of the rehearsal times. There are occasional additions to the rehearsal schedule, generally the week or 2 prior to competitions/ performances, but for the most part, we know the entire schedule for the year before the season starts which helps immensely with planning family schedules. Regular email updates are thorough and detailed. The Pulse is unsurpassed in terms of organization, communication, and professionalism. We are looking forward to another great season at the Pulse, I would highly recommend The Pulse CPC for anyone considering competitive dance.