I can’t let this competition season end without thanking you, Curtis and Elaine for EVERYTHING you have put into making it a great year. As I sat in the theater all day both Saturday and Sunday, I was struck by all the things the judges also mentioned – the refreshing, interesting and original routines by our dancers, the APPROPRIATE costumes and music, how fresh-faced and classy our girls are, and most importantly, how much they all care about one another. The cheering for each routine and the support they have for each other is so awesome. That kind of camaraderie doesn’t just happen, it’s cultivated. We are so lucky to have stumbled upon this studio. Katherine has not only grown as a dancer, but she has learned about commitment and sticking with something. They have earned every bit of a 1st place rating. She is very proud of herself and her teammates. I’m so proud of her and proud to call The Pulse Performing Arts Center ours!