This year has been great. You do a great job outlining information in advance, you don’t let the kids get away with missing classes and you keep track and remind them. This helps them keep their commitments. Dennis is like any other kid who will weasel out in a less strict environment but he knew you guys weren’t having it. He even made sure I didn’t schedule anything that would make him miss class. This has been great for him and his personal growth with taking responsibility and being held accountable. He really respects all of the staff. I also like how strict you are with the dress code and your behavior policy for parents and kids. It has been so great to be around respectful kids, teachers, and parents. If there was any drama going on I didn’t notice and it didn’t appear to be in the environment. I also like how you had Dennis do different types of dance that he didn’t necessarily think were his strength or preference. He has expanded his abilities due to Curtis and Elaine having him take that leap into something new. His technique has improved 100% since coming to The Pulse!